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Naturopath formulated organic herbal teas blended right here in SA


CLARITY is created by blending herbs traditionally used to increase blood flow to the brain, to support cognition, to support a healthy stress response and to refresh the mind.

IMMUNE is created using a classic Naturopathic remedy, YEP tea, we then added a selection of herbs traditionally used to boost immune function and to support a healthy immune response during acute infection.

DIGEST is formulated using herbal medicines traditionally used to support digestion, to calm & soothe the gastrointestinal system and to reduce gas, bloating, nausea & cramping.

SOOTHE is filled with herbs that calm and soothe the digestive tract, including Meadow sweet, known as a herbal antacid and Marshmallow which is famed for it’s ability to reduce irritation and protect the mucous membranes.

UPLIFT is perfect for when you need a little more pep in your step! Blended using bright, stimulating herbs, and herbs that boost circulation, this is the perfect brew to help you over that 3 pm slump at work.

DETOX is formulated with herbs traditionally used to ensure effective detoxification and elimination by supporting the liver, kidneys and digestion.

ADRENAL is thoughtfully blended using a range of herbs traditionally used to support a healthy stress response and nourish the adrenal glands and nervous system.

SLEEP is a gentle blend of calming and mildly sedating herbs traditionally used in the treatment of sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia.

RESTORE features a blend of herbs traditionally used to nourish and support the nervous, immune and gastrointestinal systems. This infusion is perfect if you are feeling fatigued, a bit stressed, under the weather or overwhelmed.

CALM TEA is a synergistic blend of herbs which relax the body and mind, without making you sleepy. This gentle, relaxing blend was of the very first teas at Naturae Herbal and it's still one of our favourites. 



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