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Pastiche - Necklace Ezarah

Pastiche - Necklace Ezarah

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The combination of elegance and nature create a beautiful piece of jewellery made to be treasured. The beautiful filigree drop on the Ezarah Necklace features a delicate floral cutout that hangs off a long, delicate and lightweight chain. Polished to give a reflective finish, this necklace complements well with an equally classy dress and is fitting for finishing off your corporate look daily.

  • A statement piece, our Ezarah Necklace captures and combines both elegance and nature to create a stunning piece of jewellery
  • The 15mm x 43mm filigree drop feature hangs on a 75cm chain, positioning the pendant beautifully just above your navel
  • Made to last, this necklace is crafted from IP rose gold plated stainless steel which is a strong, durable and hypoallergenic material
  • A delicate floral cutout feature hangs off a fine, delicate long chain to give a polished look with its classic rose gold finish
  • Suitable for any occasion, this necklace complements well with a lovely party dress or your everyday casual ensemble as a final finishing touch
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