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Sweet Nola

Sweet Nola - Luxe Soap

Sweet Nola - Luxe Soap

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All Sweet Nola Bar Soaps are natural, vegan and palm oil free that are not only beautiful and luxurious on the skin, but gentle on the environment.

The sweet smells of each soap are a result of blending pure essential oils and no artificial fragrances. The soaps are made with pure ingredients like natural clay from the earth, organic botanicals and luxury plant based oils. We avoid using unnecessary plastic packaging by using100% recycled paper wraps.

Each product is crafted by hand in small batches in Peterhead, South Australia


Chai Spice and Cinnamon Bar soap. Made with freshly brewed coffee, natural exfoliating coffee grounds and a blend of cinnamon leaf, nutmeg, clove and ginger essential oils. 

Cucumber, Mint and Juniper Berry Bar soap. (Just add gin! :) Made with real cucumber and scented with a delicious blend of pure essential oils. 

Lavender and Purple Clay Bar soap. Coloured with natural purple clay and scented with steam distilled lavender essential oil. It has a lovely bubbly lather and is beautiful to look at, making it a wonderful addition to your bathroom or a great gift.

Lemon Patchouli and Lavender Bar soap. This soap is made with skin nourishing oils and organic shea butter and produces a beautiful bubbly lather which is safe on sensitive skin. The beautiful golden colour comes from yellow french clay and it is fragranced with and uplifting blend of pure essential oils.

Rose Geranium and Begamot Bar soap. Beautiful pink Australian clay, organic shea butter, steam distilled rose geranium, bergamot and lavender essential oils and topped with pretty dried rose petals. The Rose Geranium & Bergamot bar has a lovely creamy lather and smells amazing. It is beautiful to look at making it a wonderful addition to your bathroom or a lovely gift!

Beer Soap. Beer is an amazing addition to soap. Ingredients like hops and yeast soften skin and help combat skin imperfections like acne and dandruff. Beer helps to produce a beautifully bubbly lather that’s great for your face, beard and body. Scented with an intoxicating spicey blend of pure essential oils, our Beer Bars are vegan and palm oil free.

Turmeric, Calendula, Patchouli & Orange Bar Soap. This bar is infused with gentle skin soothing, anti inflammatory turmeric and calendula flowers for sensitive skin. It’s packed with organic Shea butter and Australian olive oils to hyrdrate and nourish all skin types and gently cleanses with a wonderful bubbly lather. The beautiful fragrance is thanks to natural pure essential oils of patchouli and orange.

Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa. Made with skin nourishing organic shea butter and Australian Olive Oil to gently cleanse and nourish the skin, the Ylang Ylang & Palmarosa Bar Soap is pink, feminine and has an intoxicating sweet floral fragrance. Featuring beautiful pink clay from the earth and pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa this bar will leave your skin feeling clean and soft!

To ensure a long lasting bar of soap, let dry between use and do not let sit in water.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oils 

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