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Confetti Blue

Confetti Blue - Perfume Making Kit

Confetti Blue - Perfume Making Kit

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This set includes everything your little one needs to make their own custom fragrance by adding water alone.

Ages 5+

This is truly the perfect gift for little girls and boys to pair with kids makeup set, safe sensory play or simply to create a magical potion (that smells delicious) for hours of fun...that washes off with water when finished!

It's super easy to use - just add the scents you love to the included bottles, add water and voila, you have your very own, one-of-a-kind Ice Cream/Candy scented perfume or mystical spell casting spray.

Icecream Scents - Vanilla, Girlsenberry, Cookie Dough, Strawberry and a hidden surprise fragrance!

Candy Scents - Marshmallow, Rainbow Candy, Jellybean, Watermelon Candy and a hidden surprise fragrance!

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