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Pili Pala

Pili Pala - Set of 3 Frankie Fairy Wren

Pili Pala - Set of 3 Frankie Fairy Wren

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Introducing the fabulous Frankie and family; a Tasmanian Superb Fairy Wren. It's been a long time coming but we are so excited to welcome these adorable birds, which are created using one of Helen's watercolour paintings, Tasmanian oak, Tasmanian blackwood and black acrylic.  They will happily freestand on a table but equally love to be displayed on the wall by using velcro wall stickers. 

What an 'eggcellent' little family!  They come beautifully packaged in a calico bag and are protected well for flight/shipping.

Dimensions ~ Small bird: 8cm high x 11cm wide. Medium bird: 10.5cm high x 15cm wide. Large bird: 13.5cm high x 18.5cm wide. All birds are 1.5cm thick.

The back of the birds is painted black (and you may even wish to display them like this too?)

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