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Pili Pala

Pili Pala - Small Classic Vase Lily

Pili Pala - Small Classic Vase Lily

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These beautiful vases are made from sustainably farmed Tasmanian Oak and feature one of Helen's lily painting created with a stunning, moody spring colour palette.

A fabulous feature, that we like to bang on about, is that these beauties can either free stand or wall-mount. In fact, they look amazing on the wall. With a glass test-tube through the middle, you’d be surprised just how many stems of your favourite flowers you can fit in the vase.

And finally, they’re packaged in a stunning protective gift box.

To mount to the wall, we recommend using adhesive wall stickers (readily available in supermarkets and hardware stores); these stickers leave your walls and vases undamaged.

Size:  11cm high x 5.5cm wide

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