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Write to Me

Write to Me - My Travel Journal

Write to Me - My Travel Journal

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Calling all wanderers and adventurers! As you embark on your journey don't forget the most essential travel companion – a travel journal. Capture every twist and turn, every awe-inspiring vista and every chance encounter. With a travel journal in hand you're a storyteller, a memory collector, and an explorer of the heart.

In a world where memories can fade, your travel journal becomes the treasure chest that holds your experiences forever. It's not just about jotting down places and dates; it's about reliving the thrill of that mountain peak, the serenity of that hidden café and the laughter shared with newfound friends.

It can also be your passport to mindfulness. As you pen down your thoughts, you're savouring each moment twice – once when it happens, and again when you revisit it in your journal. Plus, studies show that writing by hand fosters a deeper connection to your experiences, making your memories richer and more vivid.

Preserve your journey so you can look back on in all the years to come.

My Travel Journal is divided into the below sections:

My Destination
Travel Tips
Travel notes

Each day covers
- History
- Culture
- Significance
- Activities
- Highlights

Travel descriptions includes sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, landscapes, architecture and environment

Journal - personal reflections

Cultural interactions, memorable moments, challenges and learnings

At the back of the journal there is room for travel sketches, gratitudes and personal growth

  • Cover Textured and Printed hard cover
  • Title Gold embossed title & spine
  • Endpaper Illustrated end papers
  • Paper 120GSM FSC certified paper 
  • Pages 144 pages
  • Binding Case Bound
  • Ribbon To hold your place
  • Flat Lay Binding Journal lays flat for easy writing 
  • We Recommend Using a ball point pen
  • We Recommend Photos dots, double sided tape or acid free washi tape for sticking photos

Designed in Melbourne, Australia.

148 x 210 x 17mm


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